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Extending Beyond the Kitchen

13th Mar 2023
Clifden Heritage Green Home Office by STORI
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The kitchen is no longer a standalone room in most cases, open plan living, and the pandemic has transformed how we utilise our kitchens and now represents a space that is truly fluid. An area that’s labelled the “heart of the home” for bringing families together at mealtimes and special occasions, now hosts work video calls, gruelling homework sessions and offers a seamless extension of the garden, playing a paramount role in our day-to-day lives.

Our ranges have evolved in line with household needs and demands, we offer an extensive selection of doors, handles and accessories that are extremely versatile and can be used throughout the home. Our ‘Beyond the Kitchen’ concept also allows for ease of continuity between various living zones with the introduction of complementary furniture such as media units, sideboards, coffee tables and side tables.

Utilising the Kitchen

Take advantage of additional space in your kitchen and add a freestanding or fitted dresser for added opulence. Whether it’s a dedicated drinks station or simply required to present your prized crockery, there’s a custom combination that will fulfil your needs.

Georgian glazed frames are the perfect way to showcase tableware & glassware whilst wide drawers can store larger items. Elevate your dresser with luxurious solid oak accessories such as a Wine Rack or Wine Glass Holder, bi-fold doors and curved cornice detailing.

Left to right: Dresser; Winslow, Porcelain featuring chrome square knobs (K1-309) & cup handles (K1-311) | Dresser; Belgravia, Slate Blue featuring chrome knobs (K1-169) & polished nickel cup handles (K1-191) | Dresser, Ellesmere, Dust Grey, featuring polished nickel knobs (K1-159)


Fortunate enough to have a larger area to work with? Opt for a full-width, fitted dresser for additional storage & display space. You can mirror features used in your kitchen to keep the design cohesive such as triple panel doors, glazed frames, handles & LED lighting.

Left to right: Dresser; Winslow, Willow featuring chrome knobs (K1-169) & cup handles (K1-315) | Dresser; Dawson, Graphite featuring matte black d-handles (K1-391)

Laundry Rooms

Laundry – a never-ending and sometimes laborious task! But you may as well do it in a room that will make the experience a little nicer. Laundry or Utility rooms are the perfect way to keep your washing out of sight. You can customise your room to suit you, for example by adding a rail to hang up clothes as soon as they are washed to reduce ironing time. Or, add full-height cabinetry for additional storage for your ironing board, mop & hoover and position your appliances at eye level for a more ergonomic design. Although the requirements of the room are mainly practical it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. You can coordinate the room effortlessly with your kitchen or experiment with a bolder hue and have fun with a smaller space.

Left to right: Laundry Room; Winslow, Porcelain featuring chrome square knobs (K1-309) & cup handles (K1-311) | Laundry Room; Zola Soft-Matte, Cashmere featuring our Handleless Rail System in Aluminium

Boot Rooms

A place that will help to store daily clutter and stop dirty shoes from making their way through the rest of the house? Yes, please! It’s easy to see why boot rooms have risen in popularity due to their practicality. And whether you have a small back porch or a whole room to dedicate to it, your local approved retailer will be able to transform your area into a functional yet welcoming space.

On the checklist of must-haves you should include a place for storing shoes and an area to hang coats, bags & hats. Compact bench seating with drawers utilises your seating area with additional storage, whilst wall hooks will handle hanging items. If you’ve extra space, add full-height cabinetry for additional storage or beaded panelling for extra character.

Left to right: Boot room; Clifden, Light Grey featuring satin brass knobs (K1-267) & cups (K1-270) | Boot room; Kensington, Heritage Green, featuring matte black t-bar handles (K1-382) & bar handles (K1-383) | Boot room; Kensington, Light Grey featuring bright nickel cup handles (K1-357)

Left to right: Boot room; Winslow, Pantry Blue featuring chrome knobs (K1-309), d handles (K1-310) & cup handles (K1-311) | Boot room; Ellesmere, Slate Blue featuring satin nickel cup handles (K1-255) & and knobs (K1-257)


A walk-in pantry is one of 2023’s most popular trends and contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to devote a full room to have one. Whether it’s a blank wall or an awkward room that wouldn’t make sense for another purpose, clever design can make use of any space with freestanding or fitted options. Hidden or concealed pantries are also on the rise, meaning you can add in a secret doorway without breaking your run of cabinetry as well.

From walk-in panties to larders, a combination of open shelving, drawers & additional workspace are a must. You can also upgrade your pantry with additional features such as a Solid Oak Pantry Ladder & Rail to easily reach top shelves, or LED lighting to brighten dimly lit corners. Get more ideas on how to organise your pantry here.

Left to right: Walk in pantry; Winslow, Porcelain featuring chrome knobs (K1-309), d handles (K1-310) & cup handles (K1-311) | Walk in Pantry; Kensington, Light Grey featuring bright nickel d handles (K1-358)

Left to right: Freestanding pantry unit; Clifden, Porcelain & Heritage Green featuring antique brown knobs (K1-218) | Walk in pantry; Clifden, Light Grey featuring satin brass knobs (K1-267) | Walk in pantry; Harborne, Heritage Green

Complementary Furniture

For continuity between living zones, complementary furniture works to tie spaces together. Freestanding items like a sideboard in the dining area, a console table in the hallway or a coffee table in the snug can provide extra storage, decorative space, and grounding in open plan areas by mirroring your kitchen design & colour options. Incorporate drawers for bits & bobs, decorative oak shelving, or open nooks for displaying accessories and finish with matching handles for a complementary style.

Left to right: Sideboard; Dawson, Cashmere featuring satin nickel knobs (K1-257) & cup handles (K1-255) | Sideboard; Wakefield, Marine featuring brushed brass d handles (K1-277)

Left to right: Coffee Table; Harborne, Chicory Red (Custom colour using our Colour Match Service) & Graphite featuring antique brass legs | Console Table; Clifden, Light Grey featuring satin brass cup handles (K1-270) | Coffee Table; Kensington, Light Grey featuring bright nickel cup handles (K1-357)

Home Office

With an increase in remote and hybrid working, the home office has become a necessity. Regardless of space, through clever design, you can integrate a practical working area into an existing space or create a dedicated room for the perfect working environment. For larger spaces you can incorporate cabinetry and drawers for office necessities and in open-plan areas, the design can complement the adjacent spaces. Plain glazed frames, strip & spotlight LED lighting and open shelving will help to brighten the space. In smaller areas you can simply add a desk or integrate one into shelving for a compact workstation to create something that can be utilised past your 9-5.

Left to right: Home Office; Clifden, Porcelain & Heritage Green featuring antique brown knobs (K1-218) | Home Office, Strada Gloss, Light Grey

Left to right: Desk; Winslow, Pantry Blue featuring chrome knobs (K1-309) & d handles (K1-310) |Compact recessed workstation; Aldana, Light Grey featuring antique brushed brass t-bar handles (K1-330)

TV Media Unit

Whether you’re after a contemporary style or traditional look you can seamlessly integrate your open plan snug, playroom, or living room with your kitchen. Short on space? Floating or smaller freestanding units are perfect for under your TV to neatly store remotes & consoles. If you’ve a full wall to take advantage of opt for a custom built-in full-height media unit, break up the cabinetry with plain glazed frames, open shelving, and LED lighting. This option will provide you with ample storage, generous display areas, and a striking feature wall.

Left to right: Media Unit; Strada Matte, Dust Grey | Media Unit; Harborne, Heritage Green

Left to right: Media Unit; Aldana, Cashmere featuring inox d handles (K1-278) | Media Unit; Ellesmere, Slate Blue featuring satin nickel knobs (K1-257)

Left to right: Media Unit; Winslow, Willow featuring chrome square knobs (K1-309) & cup handles (K1-311) | Media Unit; Aldana, Heritage Green featuring matte black knurled t-bar handles (K1-330) & bar handles (K1-331)

Any Space

Utilise every inch of space in your home by opting for smart, dual-purpose furniture. From reading nooks, small & large to under the stair’s storage, there’s a world of options possible with STORI ranges. Integrate bench seating with drawer storage, add open shelving and brighten areas with LED lighting to make any areas in your home work for you, regardless of size.

Left to right: Reading Nook; Winslow, Porcelain featuring chrome square knobs (K1-309) & cup handles (K1-311) | Reading Nook; Harborne; Heritage Green

Left to right: Hallway Storage & Bench Seating; Aldana, Heritage Green featuring matte black knurled t-bar handles (K1-330) & bar handles (K1-331) | Under the Stairs Storage & Seating; Dawson, Graphite featuring matte black d handles (K1-391)

Creating a palette that flows throughout your home is easy with our versatile ranges & accessories alongside the creativity of our network of approved retailers throughout the UK & Ireland.

To book a design appointment with one of our retailer’s click here.