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Decorating with Bold Colours

11th Jul 2024
Madison Vintage Pink and Slate Blue Kitchen by STORI
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After years of grey shades and monotone rooms, the trend has shifted towards warm and wonderful summer 2024 bold colour trends which have been widely documented.

In December 2023, Farrow&Ball reported the rise in clay tones that capture a calm, cosy feel in our homes. Elle Decor also named ‘Chocolate Brown’, ‘Fiery Red’, ‘Berry’ and ‘Peach’ among its Hottest Paint Colour Trends of 2024. As a result of this growing trend, more homeowners have been ditching the grey and opting for colours that are stronger, warmer, and bolder.

With such a broad range of colour options available today, this blog post will explore ways to decorate your home using bold colours, drawing inspiration from STORI’s kitchen, bedrooms and living space collection.

Madison – Marine

Using a Neutral Backdrop

You might ask, ‘why would I want to use a neutral-coloured backdrop if I’m wanting to decorate with bold colours?’ That’s understandable, but using neutral colours is a really impactful way to set the foundation for your bold design.

You don’t have to go bold throughout the home, particularly in areas where a calmer, more subtle setting is more suited to the ways in which you utilise the space, the obvious example being the bedroom. Neutral colours such as Cashmere, Porcelain and White can be used to create a peaceful, tranquil backdrop to unwind from the busyness of everyday life.

When choosing a paint colour for your bedroom, you might want to consider a calming neutral colour and let your furniture make the statement. By adding bold coloured soft furnishings such as lamp shades, bedding and upholstery, you can make your favourite bold, colourful pieces stand out, without the room becoming too overpowering.

Dawson – Cashmere

Creating A Focal Point

If you are unsure of where to begin, creating a focal point could be a good start for your bold colour design, especially in living spaces. Perhaps it’s a vivid painting, a vibrant chair, or an eye-catching piece of lighting.

When creating a focal point in a living space, such as your lounge, using a bold coloured piece is a great way to make a statement against a neutral or natural coloured background. Something as simple as placing a richly coloured picture on a shelving unit can utilise the furniture and architecture that you already have.

For those who want to be more extravagant, why not opt for a dedicated feature wall? Whether it’s painting one wall a bold colour or going all out and decorating it with coloured panelling, a feature wall can enrich the space.

Kensington – Dust Grey & Light Grey

Choosing Bold Coloured Furniture

As every homeowner has their own personal taste and individual expression, we understand that recommending a particular paint colour is not suitable for everyone. Paint colour plays a significant role in how we design our kitchen space, and bold paint colours can help homeowners add a visual punch to their tired kitchen with energetic and vibrant colours.

Adding bold coloured door frontals and cabinetry offers a unique twist to the traditional grey or classic white norms that we’ve previously been accustomed to.

Winslow – Parisian Blue

Texture and Materials

When decorating with bold colours, the texture and choice of materials for your furniture plays a notable role in how colours are perceived. For example, if you choose a glossy finish such as our Strada Gloss or Zola Gloss ranges, glossy surfaces have been known to reflect light and intensify colours.

On the other hand, if you choose a matte finish such as our Strada Matte or Zola Matte range, it can have a softened effect. This is because different materials absorb and reflect colour differently, therefore it’s important to be mindful of how your chosen colours interact with the texture and materials in your design.

Zola Matte – Graphite, Dust Grey & Colour Matched Zingy Orange


Consider the lighting in your space when choosing a bold paint colour. The amount of light a room receives can affect how a colour appears on the walls, whether it’s natural or artificial. Bold colours such as Heritage Green or Antique Red could look darker from one home to the next depending on the lighting.

Adding mood lighting or smart lighting solutions can also enhance the colour scheme in your home.

Did you know that we offer LED lighting, including an X-Driver Wi-Fi Kit? You can take Smart control of your lighting with a simple voice command or press of a button. Controllable with both Alexa and Google Assistant as well as an easy-to-use app, Smart driver enables you to operate intelligent lighting effortlessly. You can also set up groups of lights to control at the same time or dim individual lights to set the mood, whether you require bright lights over your workspace area or softer light over your bed.

Ellesmere – Heritage Green

We hope these tips have helped you with your bold design journey, if you’d like to explore more, check out our Inspiration Gallery to see some bold colour schemes in action. We would also love to talk to you in person at one of our independent retailer showrooms across the UK & Ireland, to find your nearest STORI retailer, click here.