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Get In Line with Heritage Inspired Design

3rd Apr 2023
Arrington Shell and Slate Blue Kitchen by STORI
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2023 sees the addition of several exciting new products to STORI’s offering, the first being the ‘Get In Line’ Collection. Inspired by the resurgence of classic inframe furniture, the Collection effortlessly combines the grandeur of inframe design with the practicality of plant-on doors. The latest release comprises three timber inframe effect ranges, including two new ranges, Arrington & Jacobsen to accompany the firmly established Winslow range.

Inframe Look for Less

With the surge in demand for traditional craftsmanship, inframe cabinetry has soared in popularity over the last few years due to its classic design and association with fine woodwork. The Belgravia range is the perfect example of the grandeur that the long-established door style can add to a space.

Belgravia, Deep Forest featuring Satin Brass Cup Handles (K1-270) & Knobs (K1-267)

The true Inframe style is more intricate than typical door styles due to its doors sitting within the frame of the cabinetry. This design is more elaborate to craft and fit in comparison to the modern standard, plant-on doors which simply attach to the front of the cabinetry.

Left to right: Winslow (Inframe Effect), Heritage Green | Belgravia (True Inframe), Porcelain

Fortunately, with the ‘Get In Line’ Collection, Arrington, Jacobsen & Winslow, subtle line detailing on the outer edges of each door style provides the illusion of authentic Inframe cabinetry, paying homage to traditional craftmanship without the premium price tag. Each style is available in 30 on-trend paint shades bespoke to STORI or if you have a preferred hue in mind you can avail of our bespoke Colour Match Service.

Left to right: Arrington, Shell featuring Brushed Nickle Fluted Bar (K1-377) & T-Bar handles (K1-376) | Jacobsen, Taupe Grey featuring Antique Brass Square Cup Handles (K1-359) & D-Handles (K1-360) | Winslow, Pantry Blue featuring Chrome Square Knobs (K1-309) & D-Handles (K1-310)

Arrington – A modern shaker with a timeless feel

A simplistic narrow shaker style, Arrington is suited to both classic & contemporary settings. Its natural ash grain combined with a subtle line detailing on the outer door frame adds richness to its design.

Arrington, Shell & Slate Blue featuring Inox Bar Handles (K1-354) & T-Bar Handles (K1-353)

Paired with its extensive selection of accessories, Arrington’s versatility means that it can be the perfect backdrop to any room throughout your home. Its clean lines extend across all the door and drawer frames available as part of the range. Take advantage of tall ceilings with full-height cabinetry and top boxes with plain frames. Display your prized dishware and light it beautifully with our FLEXYLED strip lighting. Finish your cabinetry off with a modern cornice to complement Arrington’s linear lines. Opt for a mix of cupboards and deep drawer space for ultimate organisation. Deep drawers are perfect for easily accessing daily necessities. The multi-use island with an overhang provides extra seating and storage overlooking the open-plan living area.

Arrington, Shell & Slate Blue featuring Inox Bar Handles (K1-354) & T-Bar Handles (K1-353)

Create style consistency throughout your home, from a fitted Drinks Dresser with triple panel doors, FLEXYLED strip lighting, and top boxes to bench seating with built-in drawers to a luxurious walk-in pantry with open shelving.

Arrington, Shell & Slate Blue featuring Inox Bar Handles (K1-354) & T-Bar Handles (K1-353)

For a sleek yet understated handle option, why not choose a modern trim handle to compliment Arrington’s contemporary inframe-inspired design. An Inox finish pairs beautifully with Shell for a calming yet sophisticated palette, the epitome of Sleek Serenity.

Arrington, Shell featuring Inox Trim Handles (K1-336 & K1335), Inox Bar Handles (K1-354) & T-Bar Handles (K1-353), Brushed Nickle Fluted Bar Handles (K1-377) & T-bar Handles (K1-376)

Jacobsen – A traditional design, elevated

Truly traditional, Jacobsen’s sophisticated inframe effect door features a classic raised centre panel. The profiled design is adorned by a natural ash grain and a line detailing the door’s perimeter adding further opulence to the style.

Jacobsen, Taupe Grey & Light Teal featuring Antique Brass Square Cup Handles (K1-359) & D-Handles (K1-360)

Coupled with a complimentary selection of accessories, the range can seamlessly transition throughout other spaces in your home. Customise your design further with different Made to Order doors available as part of the range along with the Standard doors shown above. Create a cohesive design by extending your furniture selection throughout your open plan space, like this dining area below. Add beaded panelling to compliment the country look and a dresser to display cherished items and store additional tableware and glassware nearby.

Jacobsen, Taupe Grey & Light Teal featuring Antique Brass Square Cup Handles (K1-359) & D-Handles (K1-360)

Easily access daily essentials with open shelving, beautifully lit with our ATOM LED spotlights for a homely feel. Top your cabinetry with traditional cornice to complete the classic design. Tie your space together with matching free-standing furniture, like this sideboard, offering additional storage and extra tabletop space to complement your kitchen.

Jacobsen, Taupe Grey & Light Teal featuring Antique Brass Square Cup Handles (K1-359) & D-Handles (K1-360)

Love Jacobsen’s classic design? Use it in other rooms throughout your home such as a Home Office. The same open shelving, doors, drawers, and cornice can be used to create fitted furniture to upgrade your remote working set up.

Pair traditional or modern handles with Jacobsen’s classic design. Add balance to its traditional features with modern industrial style handles like our knurled options. The Antique Brushed Brass finish compliments the warmth in Taupe Grey’s undertones, whilst the texture adds a distinctive design dimension.

Left to right: Jacobsen, Taupe Grey featuring Antique Brass Square Cup Handles (K1-359 ) & D-Handles (K1-360), Antique Brushed Brass Knurled Bar Handles (K1-364) & Knurled T-Bar Handles (K1-363), Antique Brushed Fluted Bar (K1-373) & Fluted T-Bar Handles (K1-372).

Winslow – A classic shaker with added charm

A perfect choice for traditional or modern settings, Winslow’s classic shaker style with natural ash grain, beaded detailing, and inframe effect adds an elegant charm to any space.

Winslow, Porcelain & Pantry Blue featuring Chrome square knobs (K1-309), D Handles (K1-310) & Cup Handles (K1-311).

Painted in Pantry Blue and Porcelain inspired by its coastal surroundings, this kitchen features an island integrated with two pastry benches and solid oak slatted shelving. Symmetrical triple panel doors house a fridge freezer to the left and conceal a spacious walk-in pantry to the right. Utilise every inch of space with top box cabinetry, perfect for storing items that are used occasionally.

The refined design of Winslow can easily extend throughout your home, meaning endless design possibilities. The range features additional Made to Order doors to the standard options showcased above.

Bright and spacious, this hidden walk-in pantry provides additional workspace to the kitchen next door. Full height cabinetry maximises storage whilst a solid oak wine glass holder satisfyingly organises your crystal. Open shelving provides easy access to everyday essentials, softly highlighted with our ATOM LED spotlights.

Winslow, Porcelain featuring Chrome square knobs (K1-309), D Handles (K1-310) & Cup Handles (K1-311).

Effortlessly style open plan areas by continuing your furniture choice throughout. This snug area takes advantage of the alcoves with built in cabinetry, mirroring the symmetry already created in the opposing kitchen. A beautiful way to store everyday bits and bobs and display your design accessories. More than just a kitchen & snug, this multifunctional space is home to a compact office with ample storage, perfect for hybrid working without dedicating a room specifically to your workspace.

Rising in popularity boot rooms or bootilities (boot room + utility room), help to keep the other areas in your home tidier, offering a place to store coats, shoes, and bags as soon as someone walks through the door. This boot room mirrors other areas in the home with full height cabinetry, triple panel doors, open shelving, top boxes, a solid oak bench as well as doubling as Pablo the beagle’s sleeping quarters.

Winslow, Pantry Blue featuring Chrome Square Knobs (K1-309), D Handles (K1-310) & Cup Handles (K1-311).

From cup handles to bar handles, Winslow can be paired with most of our extensive handle options. Stylish D Handles paired with classic knobs play into Winslow’s Country Chic aesthetic perfectly. Opt for a timeless finish like Chrome when pairing with brighter colours like Pantry Blue for a harmonious flow or Willow for a polished finish.

Left to right: Winslow, Willow featuring a Chrome Knob (K1-315) | Winslow, Pantry Blue featuring Chrome Square Knobs (K1-309) & D handles (K1-310) | Winslow, Willow featuring a Chrome Cup Handle (K1-316).

Commenting on the latest launch, STORI Brand Manager Shaunagh Devlin says, ‘Our latest ‘Get In Line’ Collection is an example of the pioneering product development we pride ourselves on here at STORI. In response to the demand for our Belgravia and Winslow ranges, we’ve designed two new timber door ranges, Arrington & Jacobsen to sit alongside Winslow to extend our timber inframe effect offering. This collection helps to cater for those who desire an inframe design but want a more affordable option, STORI can offer traditional luxury without the premium price tag. The trio of ranges provides an option for everyone’s personal style that can be easily customised, through the extensive door and accessory options available as well as limitless colour choices. Like all our ranges, they are designed to serve multiple purposes throughout the home, allowing for ease of continuity, from open plan areas to stand-alone rooms like home offices, the ranges offer ultimate flexibility.’