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Our Top Bedroom Trends for 2024

13th May 2024
Zola Soft-Matte Graphite Bedroom by STORI
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It’s hard to believe that we’re already into May! Since the end of 2023 we’ve been keeping an eye on upcoming trends for 2024 and we’ve now narrowed them down to help with your dream bedroom inspiration.

If you’re thinking about revamping your space, here are our Top Bedroom Trends for 2024 that you might want to consider before starting your project:

Biophilic Design – Bring The Outside In

Kicking off at the top of our 2024 bedroom trends list is Biophilic Design. This fascinating style can be easily carried out by letting more of the outside natural world into your bedroom. We found that by using greenery liberally through earthy and muted paint colours in combination with natural elements such as wood or stone is a perfect way to give you a space to take time out and relax.

Our new Reed Green paint option is one of 32 Paint to Order (PTO) colours available for our Aldana bedroom range. Its timber shaker construction paired with an earthy green colour option creates an ideal environment for bringing the outside in, through mindful colour selection.

We also offer the muted tones of cashmere in all four of our bedroom ranges. Cashmere is another great example of how you can use a furniture colour choice to produce a more natural feel in your bedroom, through its warm yet neutral tone.

To put the final touches on the Biophilic Design within your bedroom, why not find ways to let more natural light in, invest in some gratifying house plants and add a natural Beeswax candle or diffuser.

Offering many health benefits such as better sleep, reduced stress, improved air quality as well as increased productivity, it’s no wonder why this style has been mentioned by countless designers as a 2024 must-have bedroom trend.

Nostalgic Patterns – Revive Your Favourite Memories

Offering a blast from the past, nostalgic patterns have made a comeback for 2024. From retro and vintage inspired patterns, heritage motifs and bold Art Deco geometric shapes – there is something for everyone to relive when it comes to nostalgic patterns.

Perhaps it’s an old memory from your childhood on holiday with your family and remembering the flowing floral-patterned wallpaper on the hotel walls. Maybe it’s the maze-like paisley patterns from your grandparents’ curtains and soft furnishings when you used to stay over with them.

So far, we’ve found that more and more people are choosing to bring more escapism to their bedroom space to transport them back to a time when they felt most comfortable.

Integrated Technology – Minimalistic and Innovative Bedroom Tech

It’s no surprise that as technology integrates more into our home living spaces, the bedroom is the next location for seamless smart living. In 2024, the industry has noted that more people have been adding hidden charging ports, mood lighting and smart furniture into their bedrooms.

Did you know that we offer LED lighting, including an X-Driver Wi-Fi Kit? You can take Smart control of your lighting with a simple voice command or press of a button. Controllable with both Alexa and Google Assistant as well as an easy-to-use app, Smart driver enables you to operate intelligent lighting effortlessly. You can also set up groups of lights to control at the same time or dim individual lights to set the mood, whether you require bright lights over your workspace area or softer light over your bed.

By carefully concealing smart technology into our bedrooms, we can enjoy our modern conveniences without compromising our peaceful surroundings. Something as simple as turning off the main light in a bedroom and using mood lighting can create a softer and cosier atmosphere to unwind in after a long week.

Maximalism – Less Following Directions, More You

Perfect for those of us who want to fearlessly embrace our own unique personality without taking instructions or guidance from anyone else. Maximalism is a trend that celebrates complexity and excess.

This distinctive design style gives us the complete creative freedom to combine colours, furnishings and patterns based on our own individual needs. Whether you want to shake up your bedroom with bold décor, contrasting paint choices or a fusion of styles, Maximalism offers an endless abundance of possibilities.

Rather than just throwing everything at your space, we recommend sitting down and mapping out your ideas. By picking out the pieces that you admire most and some of the colours you have envisaged, this will allow you to carefully construct the layout and flow of the space that you want to create.

Multipurpose – Modular Multifunctional Living

Over the years we’ve seen various attempts at multipurpose bedroom spaces from sofa-beds in guestrooms to multifunctioning home office spaces.

A notable change in the bedroom furniture market for 2024 has seen more people investing in getting more out of their space. Whether it’s due to space restrictions or the continuation of hybrid working since the Coronavirus pandemic, more consumers have been looking for inspiration on how to make their bedroom surroundings more accommodating for other commitments besides sleeping.

We have found that by incorporating clever storage solutions and cleverly designed fitted and freestanding bedroom furniture, consumers can cater to both work-from-home and relaxation needs.

Throughout the remainder of 2024, we expect this trend to keep growing particularly for urban living where space is at a premium.

Ready to start your bedroom journey this year? Find your nearest retailer here or book a design appointment here.