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Our Top Kitchen Trends for 2024

8th Jan 2024
Kitchen Trends 2024
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Ready to give your kitchen a makeover in 2024? The kitchen is the heart of your home, a place to gather with family and friends, a place where memories are made. You show your love in a kitchen by cooking, baking and entertaining, and your kitchen should reflect this love.

If you’re thinking of revamping your space, here are some key trends for 2024 you might want to consider before beginning your project.

A Personal Statement

Kensington Kitchen in Indigo by The Kitchen Depot, designed by Talisa James Interiors

Every home is unique to those who live in it, showing personality through style choices and belongings, your kitchen should reflect this. Homeowners are increasingly expressing their individualism and personal stories in their kitchens through an infusion of colours, stylings, and accessories.

A resurgence of dramatic colour tones such as blues, greens and even reds, makes a bold statement in any kitchen and creates powerful contrasts when paired with understated neutrals, such as an island in Heritage Green paired with Porcelain cabinetry.  These dramatically rich hues add depth and vibrancy to any space.

Style choices and accessories in your kitchen can transform your space, from the wall colour to the finer details such as the handles and taps, every choice reflects your personality and makes your space unique to you.

Calming Qualities

L to R: Silestone White Arabesque Worktop | Brushed Brass T-Bar Handles (K1-363) | Calacatta Moonlight Splashback

The finer details in any room in your home can make all the difference when it comes to elevating and transforming the look of your space. Expressive tactile materials such as brass and high-drama marble and stone finishes are the go-to combination for calming qualities while creating a luxurious interior.

Finishing touches such as handles can effectively accessorise and personalise your kitchen. With hundreds of styles to choose from, it can be a daunting task, so why not use our handle guide to help find the perfect shape and colour for your cabinetry. Our favourites for 2024 are textured handles including knurled and fluted which are available in rich Brushed Nickel, trendy Matte Black, and the ever-popular, classic Antique Brass.


Georgia Kitchen in Airforce featuring LED Mood Lighting

Sustainability and eco-conscious living are now a mainstay, blending luxury with responsibility. More homeowners are incorporating sustainable features into their kitchens for long-term cost-effectiveness and to become more environmentally friendly in their homes.

Energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting are more efficient, consume lower amounts of power, and are a great option for cost-saving efficiency. We offer a comprehensive range of LED lighting designed for multiple applications such as task lighting, mood lighting and convenience lighting. You can learn more about kitchen lighting and our LED options here.

Opting for a timeless kitchen design that will stand the test of time is another way in which to create a sustainable space for years to come. At STORI, our timber raw materials are FSC certified meaning they’re made from well-managed forests, and we continually invest in new paint technology with reduces the environmental impact of our painting process. So, with the right door range, colour palette, accessories, handles, worktops and even appliances, you can create a kitchen design that will still look on trend in years to come.

Flexibility in Practicality

Clifden Kitchen in Heritage Green

This year we expect to see more homeowners using their home in more practical ways by creating spaces that can be flexible and multifunctional. With kitchens being one of the most used rooms in the home, it is important to design a space that can be used for every function your family will need, from cooking meals and baking with the kids to hosting friends for celebrations. Simple tasks such as homework at the dining table or having a peaceful cup of tea by yourself are often overlooked but are important in ensuring that your space remains practical and flexible.

Open-plan spaces can be used to allocate zones and the functions they may include, such as the kitchen being used for food preparation, cooking, baking, storage, and a wash area. Planning out these areas can help your kitchen, dining area and living space to flow together as a multifunctional area, allowing families to share the space simultaneously in different ways, such as parents cooking dinner while the children finish off their homework. Having dedicated zones such as a relaxation area or study area, helps create a functional space without compromising the flow of the kitchen, providing a calming environment for all the family to enjoy.

The Beauty of a Boot Room

L to R: Clifden Boot Room in Light Grey | Ellesmere Boot Room in Slate Blue

A growing trend proving hugely popular in terms of home interiors is a beautiful boot room. A dedicated room for storing coats, boots, hats, and everything pet-related, a boot room is the perfect space for multi-purpose practicality and organisation.

Keep clutter to a minimum in your space, using tall cabinetry for storage and a bench with built-in storage for effortless access to the most used items such as gloves and dog leads.

Depending on space, you can go all out with a spacious walk-in room to a smaller practical space at your back door, boot rooms are a functional space for everyone.

Ready to start your kitchen journey this year? Find your nearest retailer here or book a design appointment here.