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Painted, Sealed and Delivered – STORI’s Paint Process Explained

11th May 2023
Painted, Sealed and Delivered | Hand Sprayed
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At STORI, we take great pride in our paint process, ensuring that each door that passes through our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is treated with the care and attention it deserves before it enters your home. With a meticulous process in place, we ensure attention to detail at every stage of the process, guaranteeing you a quality product. We use a sophisticated scanning system throughout our facility which features live tracking, so we can see where every piece of your order is at any time. If you avail of our Paint to Order or Colour Match Service, regardless of whether you’ve opted for smooth or grained, your kitchen cabinetry will go through the following procedure, before being delivered to your selected Retailer.

Phase 1: Ready to Roll

Our doors are sourced from an exclusive, world-class Italian supply chain and stored in our climate-controlled warehouse until your order is placed. We monitor humidity and temperature using the latest technology to ensure the integrity of your kitchen doors and accessories are maintained, regardless of seasonality, which is particularly important in the UK.

Phase 2: Satisfying Sanding

Once your order has been placed all your doors and drawer fronts will go through various levels of robotically controlled sanding and are then hand finished by a member of our team for a perfectly prepped surface, ready for priming. Once they’ve had a rigorous quality check they then move on to the next stage.

Phase 3: Prepped & Primed

Your full kitchen set is then loaded onto our state-of-the-art robotic spray booths for a layer of primer, ensuring a measured and consistent coat across all your doors in a controlled environment. After being dried in our heated chambers, each door is then sanded, again by hand allowing for a higher level of adhesion for the top coat of paint, ensuring it mechanically and chemically binds to the surface, adding further durability.

Phase 4: Paint the door…*insert colour here*

Your doors are then ready for their injection of colour with a paint shade of your choice and are loaded back onto the robotic spray booth for their richly pigmented topcoat. For intricate product ranges such as Harborne, our highly skilled paint sprayers finish the product by hand for flawless coverage. Our range of richly pigmented paints are not only stunning but practical as they act as a natural sealant for added longevity and are easily wipeable with a warm, damp cloth, making them perfect for keeping up with your everyday.

Phase 5: A Cut Above

Once passed by our Quality Assurance team, your doors then cure for 6 hours before wrapping. With the robust process we have in place we’re happy to offer a 5-year guarantee, allowing you complete peace of mind that you’re purchasing a premium quality product.

Want to see all the hues in our Standard Paint Palette, learn which ranges are paintable, and read our most commonly asked paint questions? Visit our Colour Options page for more information.