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The Unexpected Red Theory

16th Apr 2024
Harborne in Graphite and Chicory Red | Sideboard and Coffee Table
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Taking the stage in the dynamic world of design, the Unexpected Red Theory is gaining popularity and challenging conventional norms. This theory involves incorporating red elements into home décor where they seemingly don’t belong.

The creative mind behind this theory, Taylor Simon, suggested the power that red can have in spaces that might seem out of place, such as a red sink in a predominately green bathroom, a daring move that defies traditional colour schemes but can elevate any space.

Strada Matte – Mussel

Why Red?

A core primary colour, Red has long been known for its bold, eye-catching nature. This shade is known to evoke strong emotions and stimulate energy, as a result, it draws attention, injects warmth, and creates a focal point in any space.

From vibrant crimsons to deep burgundies, red offers a full spectrum of possibilities to suit any interior design preferences.

The Effects of Red

Red’s impact on interior design is rooted in its ability to evoke strong emotions. From energy and vibrance to sophistication and luxury, various shades of red can transform ordinary interiors into extraordinary expressions of style and personality.

Different shades can induce different moods in a room, with deep reds such as Garnet exuding elegance and sophistication, while brighter reds such as Candy Apple Red convey energy and vitality.

Tavola – Hacienda Black

Applying the Theory in Your Home

The Unexpected Red Theory is all about adding something red; big or small to a room where it wouldn’t conventionally match. This theory suggests that this surprising touch of red provides a dose of dopamine and enhances the overall aesthetic of the space.

Add a pop of colour with a twist of spontaneity, such as a red lamp in your bedroom, scarlet curtains in your living room or a cupboard in Antique Red (our exclusive Paint to Order shade) in your kitchen.


Within your kitchen, why not transform your island with a stunning shade of red, or for a more subtle approach, consider using red appliances or crockery to add a pop of colour to your shelves, elevating your kitchen’s aesthetic?

Harborne – Graphite & Colour Matched Chicory Red


Within your bedroom, why not try experimenting with red tones to create your desired effect? A statement headboard can add a touch of sophistication while patterned red bedding will add warmth to your space.  For a cohesive look, use red decorations or bedside lamps for a harmonious blend of style and comfort.

Living Room

Consider seamlessly incorporating red elements into your living room through strategically placed throw cushions or an inviting accent chair to add a pop of colour without overwhelming the room. Introducing a red rug into your space can act as a stylish anchor for the seating area, tying the room together with a bold yet unexpected touch.


Our Favourite Red Accessories

  1. Dark Red Throw
  2. Flynn Table Lamp
  3. Confetti Glass Vase
  4. Fringed Geometric Cushion
  5. Belle Side Chair
  6. Casserole Cast Iron
  7. Our Belgravia range in Antique Red
  8. Wall Mirror


The Unexpected Red Theory encourages a bold style statement and challenges design approaches, through understanding this theory you can infuse any space in your home with a surprising burst of colour to captivate the senses and transform your space into something extraordinary. Are you ready to embrace the unexpected red in your home?

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