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Transform your Cabinetry from the Inside Out

5th Feb 2024
Storage Collection
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Whether it’s your kitchen, laundry room or pantry, you shouldn’t have to compromise on aesthetics for practicality, especially in the hardest working rooms in your home…and with STORI’s latest launch, you won’t have to. February sees the introduction of a comprehensive range of cleverly designed Storage Solutions offering you more choice in how you design and use your new space.

Inner Beauty

Partnering with Vauth-Sagel, renowned for its ‘German engineering excellence’, STORI now offer 75 additional Storage Solutions alongside its Oak Internals. Developed to utilise every inch of space within your cupboard in a style that suits you, each option has been carefully considered from innovative shelf designs to soft close mechanisms. Say goodbye to awkward under-utilised corners, hard-to-reach spaces and floor clutter with beautifully optimised cabinetry.

Vauth-Sagel is an award-winning storage specialist, offering high-quality, practical Storage Solutions designed around your everyday life. All products are rigorously tested and backed by a 10-year guarantee, offering you complete peace of mind. How you store, peruse, and access your essentials from cookware to cleaning products will be transformed with Vauth-Sagel’s efficiently designed applications.

Access the back of narrow cabinetry effortlessly with STORI’s new VS SUB® Slim and VS SUB® base pull-outs storage options. Attached to the cabinetry’s door, both solutions feature two shelves which slide forward on a central runner, giving you access to all your essentials at once, from both sides.

1. VS SUB® Slim, Planero Lava. 2. VS SUB® Slim, Premea Platinum. 3. VS SUB® Larder, Planero Lava. 4. VS SUB® Larder, Saphir Platinum.

Don’t let your freestanding bin be an eyesore in your new space, opt for one of Stori’s new VS ENVI® Space XX Pro S integrated bin solutions which can be neatly tucked away but easily accessed beside your dishwasher, sink or food prep area for easy waste disposal straight from your worktop. Available in a range of generous capacities and bin compartment combinations, you can select a VS ENVI® Space XX Pro S option to best suit your waste and recycling needs.

1. VS ENVI® Space XX Pro S, Lava Grey, 32L capacity. 2. VS ENVI® Space XX Pro S, Lava Grey, 44L capacity. 3. VS ENVI® Space XX Pro S, Lava Grey, 88L capacity. 4. VS ENVI® Space XX Pro S, Lava Grey, 85L capacity.

Discover the wonders of clever yet stylish corner storage, where every essential is easily visible and accessible. With soft closure and a seamless pull-out motion, you can utilise every inch of space of cumbersome kitchen corners with ease.

1. VS CORNERSTONE® MAXX, Premea Lava. 2. VS CORNERSTONE® MAXX, Planero Lava. 3. VS COR® Flex, Prema Platinum & White.

Gone are the days of digging through or emptying your cabinet’s contents to find what you need.  Clever pull-out larders offer practical storage, showcasing all items in seconds as multiple height-adjustable shelves are transported out with one power-assisted pull.

1. VS TAL® Larder, Saphir Platinum. 2. VS TAL® Gate, Premea Lava. 3. VS TAL® Gate Pro, Planero Lava.

Commenting on the latest launch, Group Marketing Manager, Ursula O’Dowd says, ‘Our series of product launches for 2023/24 has propelled STORI into an exciting new era, redefining our brand. Our dedicated team has gone the extra mile to ensure that our customers receive an unparalleled selection of world-class options across our vast door range and accessory collection. Our unwavering commitment is to furnish your space with both aesthetic beauty and everyday functionality. We firmly believe that the interior of your cabinetry should evoke the same sense of joy as its exterior and with the introduction of Vauth-Sagel’s intelligently designed Storage Solutions, we are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to bring this aspiration to life. Creating your dream room has never been simpler.’

Visit your local STORI Retailer to see our updated ranges in person, you can find your nearest one here.