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2023’s Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colours Revealed

30th May 2023
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Now that we’ve got a few months of 2023 under our belt, we wanted to share some colour trends which are dominating this year’s kitchen cabinets across UK & Ireland, this may help inspire you if you’re considering some kitchen or furniture updates within your home. Whether you prefer classic or modern, bold or subdued, there’s a on trend cabinet colour choice that will suit your personal style.

Black Kitchens

Bold yet elegant, dark grey and black kitchens have become increasingly popular. These timeless shades allow you to make a striking style statement without a colourful commitment and Graphite, the darkest hue in our paint palette has quickly climbed the ranks during 2023 to be our most sought-after Grey hue.

Dramatic yet versatile, Graphite is a sophisticated charcoal grey with daringly dark depth and mellow neutral undertones. More approachable than stark black, the milder hue is softer and can provide a surprisingly subdued and understated look in any space. Showcased below on Aldana, a narrow framed shaker style door, the contemporary style is complimented with a matching handleless rail system in Graphite for a seamless blend. The linear lines are continued with integrated appliances, an undermount sink and a marble backsplash.

Style the discerning shade just as Mr O’Neill has done by balancing the hue with natural textures like wood, using lighter tones on the walls and opting for a patterned pop of colour for soft furnishings to brighten the space. If you’re working with a room with less natural light, include plenty of LED cabinetry lighting to add warmth and illuminate key task areas when opting for a moodier hue.

Extend your cabinetry colour choice throughout your open plan living area for design continuity, the drinks dresser provides a fun focal point merging the media area with the kitchen flawlessly. Availing of every inch of space in this Real Kitchen project, Ella Austin Kitchens have incorporated full height cabinetry with a row of top boxes as well as adding additional storage in the kitchen island to create a stunning yet practical kitchen that will stand the test of time.

Aldana Kitchen painted in Graphite paired with our handleless rail system in Graphite. Real Kitchen project designed & fitted by Ella Austin Kitchens based in Farnham.

Green Kitchens

As a tonal group, greens have been our bestselling family of 2023, with Cardamom, Willow, Heritage Green & Deep Forest all sitting neck in neck in our latest paint performance review (view our full paint palette here). Its clear households want to create a seamless connection with nature, blurring the lines between outdoors and in by selecting varying shades of greens to use throughout their homes. From earthy, subtle tones to deliciously dark and dramatic shades, both will breathe life into any space.

Heritage Green, an elegant dark green shade with earthy undertones features in Inline Kitchens Real Kitchen project below. Used for both the main bank of cabinetry and the kitchen island, the shade creates a captivating look that strikingly contrasts with the white walls and lightly veined marble worktop and splashback. A luxurious larder houses the families’ small appliances to keep clutter to a minimum in this modern setting.

The organic yet opulent shade adds character and depth to Mr & Mrs Gregory’s newly renovated open plan living area whilst Clifden’s smooth, narrow shaker style contrasts with the rustic textures of the oak mantle above the range, the exposed brickwork in the dining area and the wide planked wooden flooring. Further richness is added with warm LED cabinetry lighting, wooden accessories, and brown leather seating throughout.

Clifden painted in Heritage Green. Real Kitchen project designed & fitted by Inline Kitchens based in Pontefract.

Blue Kitchens

Blues have been on trend for the past few years, varying in shade, initially brighter blues were more popular however darker, moodier hues are now climbing the ranks like Indigo and Slate Blue.

A deep, intense blue inspired by Midnight Skies, Slate Blue transforms rooms into inviting spaces, creating a luxurious atmosphere. This eye-catching dark hue is chic yet understated due to its rich blue and grey undertones.  Accompanied by Light Grey in the Real Kitchen project below, the cool tones are perfectly paired for a classic yet modern setting.

Designed and fitted by Kitchen Ergonomics this kitchen has a myriad of must have features including a worktop overhang for additional seating, deep pan drawers for optimising organisation and storage nooks either side of the hob, perfect for easy access to oils and seasonings.

Contrasting warmth is added to the space with brass accents such as the pendant lighting, hot water tap, knobs and cup handles as well as the simplistic wooden stools and the timber herringbone floor. The room is kept bright and airy with a carefully planned lighting scheme that includes ample LED cabinet strip lighting, suspended pendant lights over the large kitchen island and ceiling spotlights throughout.

Aldana kitchen painted in Light Grey (main cabinetry) & Slate Blue (island). Real Kitchen project designed and fitted by Kitchen Ergonomics based in Stevenage.

Beige Kitchens

Move over pale, cool greys, there’s a new kitchen cabinetry neutral in town – Beige! A classic tonal group, our selection of warm, greyish browns varies in depth and undertones, however Shell is currently our number one best-selling colour across our ranges. A neutral tone which holds warmth in abundance, Shell is a colour that exhibits a fusion of bronze, caramel and peach like undertones which exquisitely work to create a calming and subtle living environment.

The hue is inspired and guided by the sights and sounds of the ocean, encapsulating the calming wholesomeness of the seaside by merging the outdoors with the indoors. Used solely throughout the Real Kitchen design below, the shade lets the ornate details of Belgravia’s inframe design shine through. Kitchen features such as the traditional cornice, plain frame glass doors, overmantel with curved legs and intricately panelled kitchen island all have their moment to shine with the softer, refined hue.

The traditional space is finished off perfectly with classic chrome cup handles and knobs and the cabinetry’s beige tones are mirrored throughout the design including the walls and tiled floors for subtle contrast, resulting in a serene kitchen that’ll calm any cooking disaster. Shell is a timeless choice that can be accessorised with a plethora of different hues, meaning you can add colourful injections through your accessories and switch these out with ease. Mr & Mrs Stewart have opted for bold vertically striped, blue curtains which tie in the family’s delftware presented in their glass-paned cupboards.

Belgravia painted in Shell. Real Kitchen design and fitted by Clonmel Kitchen & Bedroom Centre based in Clonmel.

Black, Green, Blue and Beige hues are at the top of the leader board for 2023’s top kitchen cabinetry colours and although trends can come and go, there is some solace in knowing what others are opting for when investing in a new space. Want to learn more about our painted kitchen offering and explore our full paint palette? Click here to explore more.