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Autumnal Additions | Meet the Hue Arrivals

21st Aug 2023
Autumnal Additions | Hue Arrivals | Clifden - Cannon Black and Porcelain
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Discover the latest four shades to join our carefully curated STORI Paint Palette this September. These versatile, richly pigmented hues are ready to transform any space throughout your home. Opt for one shade for a seamless cabinetry colour scheme or pair with other hues from our extensive selection for added dimension. Learn more about each shade’s origin and how to incorporate them in your home below.

Reed Green

Our bestselling tonal group of 2023, Green is an extremely versatile colour that has soared in popularity over the last few years. From rich and sumptuous forest greens to serene sage hues, each shade communicates a peaceful harmony with its tranquil symbolisation of nature. So it’ll come as no surprise that we’ve chosen to expand our green paint offering with a new mid-green with cooler undertones to sit alongside our more earthy shades, Cardamom and Willow.

Simple and understated, Reed Green is a calming mid green with subtle blue undertones. Inspired by the stems of broad-leafed Water Reeds found along the edges of lakes and rivers, the multifaceted colour will soothe any space whilst adding a natural element to your interior’s palette.

Natural textures like aged stone, wicker and oak will draw on Reed Green’s subtle warmth, complementing its organic aspect whilst metallic accents in chrome or brass will pop against the homely hue. Use throughout your home to add a sense of tranquillity, especially in busy areas like kitchens or boot rooms.

Ranges featured: Belgravia | Clifden

Reed Green works in any room orientation. In South facing rooms it’ll add balance to warmer sunlight throughout the day and in colder North facing rooms pair the hue with warmer accents for balance. The gentle shade will breathe life into your space and works particularly well when paired with paler cool toned shades like Porcelain or warmer beiges like Taupe Grey for a rich yet calming colour palette.

Antique Red

Introducing the first ever red to grace our Standard Paint Palette, we’ve been influenced by the Maximalist design style taking over interior trends globally, adding yet another bold shade to our selection. With a ‘more is more philosophy’; Antique Red represents an aesthetic of excess inspired by ornate décor typically in royal residences.

A rich burgundy, Antique Red is reflective of both the stately reds and kingly. The sovereign-inspired shade evokes power and holds its own when used solely or can be paired easily with hues like Porcelain or Brilliant White to create a softer palette. Accentuate the royal feel with brass hardware or opt for matte black handles for a more modern finish.

Easily create a bold and lavish statement in any space in your home with a nod to times gone by with Antique Red in command. The majestic hue can be used to add grandeur in kitchens, home offices and even laundry rooms. Antique Red can be used in any room orientation when paired with a balanced colour scheme and ample lighting.

Ranges featured: Belgravia | Aldana

Monument Grey

A timeless sophisticated neutral, Greys are still a popular choice for any room in the home as discussed in one of our latest blog articles. We’ve expanded our tonal group to reflect this with another mid tone addition, Monument Grey.

Ranges featured: Ellesmere | Zola Matte

Monument Grey commemorates notable stone statues and buildings found throughout the world. Statuesque in nature, the strong blue undertones will add a contemporary feel with a touch of history to any space. The touch of yellow adds a slight warmth to the hue differentiating it from our other mid greys, Dust Grey and Gun Metal Grey that are featured in our Standard Paint Palette.

The architectural grey can be used in both traditional and modern settings to add strength and a strikingly modern look. Opting for dual toned cabinetry? Pair Monument Grey with Brilliant White or Light Grey for a classic monochromatic colour palette. The colour will naturally chisel the cabinetry showcasing every design detail flawlessly from inframe designs to slab styles.

Balance the industrial blue toned grey with warmer wall colours and metallic brass hardware for richness and opt for sparkling white worktops in kitchens to brighten the overall look. Use in South facing rooms to highlight the shade’s muted warmth.

Cannon Black

With the demand for Graphite and requests for black hues coming through our Colour Match Service we added our darkest, deepest shade yet to our Standard Paint Palette Offering. Aptly named after historical artillery, Cannon Black is a true black offering a dramatic yet neutral shade to transform any space.

The authoritative hue is grounded yet eloquent adding a touch of luxury to any classic or contemporary setting. Pair with paler shades with subtle warmth like Porcelain or Cashmere for a striking contrast that will exude power and strength.

For a seamless finish opt for a matching handleless rail system, a door style with an integrated handle or matte black handles that will flawlessly blend into the design. The darkest shade in our paint palette will add an intimate atmosphere to any space from kitchens to media rooms, just be sure to balance with different textures and finishes as well as a carefully considered lighting scheme including LED cabinetry lights in any room orientation.

Range featured: Clifden | Strada Matte

Which shade will you opt for in your new space? Explore our full Standard Paint Palette as well as our most frequently asked paint related questions here.

Please note, the swatches and images used throughout our website and marketing material are only to be used as a guide, display settings can vary across devices and browsers therefore colour representation may not be accurate. We recommend that you visit your nearest retailer in person to browse and view your preferred colours and doors on display or alternatively order physical samples of the colours you are interested in via your retailer.