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Freestanding Vs Fitted Bedroom Furniture Solutions

3rd Jul 2024
Kensington Light Grey Bedroom by STORI
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One of the most time-consuming decisions a homeowner can make is choosing the right bedroom furniture. Not only are there a vast number of options available but there has also been a shift in how we use our bedrooms, it’s no longer deemed to be a space in which to just sleep.

As previously touched on in Our Top Bedroom Trends for 2024 blog, there has been a dramatic change in how consumers use their bedroom since the Covid era. In reality now, for some it’s a workspace for those who are accustomed to hybrid working or those or who are full time remote. More and more homeowners are becoming interested in modular multifunctional living to optimise their space for other commitments.

At STORI, our aim is to help you create aspirational living spaces, effortlessly and this is reflected in our diverse collection of furniture options. To help make the decision-making process a little simpler, in this blog we aim to explain the differences between the freestanding and fitted bedroom furniture solutions that we offer and how they can benefit you.

Kensington– Porcelain

Freestanding Bedroom Furniture

Freestanding bedroom furniture is as the term says, furniture which is not fixed to the walls or floor of the room, which means it can easily be moved or rearranged when needed. This provides total flexibility when it comes to interior design, making it a great option for spare bedrooms, guest rooms, rented accommodation and more.

As everyone has their own specific needs and personal taste, we currently offer freestanding bedside tables, chests of drawers and dressing tables in different configurations to match your styling requirements.

Many homeowners like the idea of being freely able to restructure their space without any limitations. This could be when renting a property such as an apartment or when moving home, freestanding furniture can be easily transported with minimal disruption to the existing room. As result, this gives you more flexibility in terms of the décor and layout of your space.

Kensington – Porcelain | Aldana – Reed Green | Zola Soft-Matte – Cashmere

Freestanding furniture is also a great way to complement fitted ranges, and many homeowners often combine these elements for further versatility in terms of aesthetics and function. Let’s say you want a luxurious fitted wardrobe in your bedroom, but you don’t want a bespoke fitted dressing table or chests of drawers. By adding freestanding furniture in this case, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by having the added space that a fitted wardrobe offers as well as the freedom to effortlessly reshuffle your freestanding elements whenever you so desire.

With many people using their bedroom for other needs nowadays, freestanding TV & Media units are also perfect options for those who want to place their TV on top and neatly store their remotes and consoles inside.

Dawson – Light Grey

Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Fitted bedroom furniture is custom-built furniture that’s fixed to the walls or floor of your room, meaning it’s designed to fit seamlessly into your space. This is a major benefit when looking at bedroom solutions for the long term as every inch of space is optimised.

From bespoke fitted wardrobes to deluxe dressing rooms, at STORI our full bedroom range is Made to Order to suit any lifestyle, taste or budget, while adding value to your home and everyday living.

Unlike a freestanding wardrobe, fitted wardrobes are measured to specifically fit your walls perfectly, so you can enhance your space while reducing clutter at the same time. Fitted wardrobes from the STORI collection also offer durability, are sustainably sourced, and ultimately well-crafted to stand the test of time.

Aldana – Stone | Zola Soft-Matte – Cashmere

It has been noted by homeowners who prefer fitted bedroom furniture that it can fit seamlessly into their room and avoid the overpowering often clunky look of stand-alone wardrobe units. A major benefit is the increased space that a fitted wardrobe can offer, due to it running from the floor to the ceiling of a room. As there is no gap between the top of the wardrobe and your ceiling as there would be with a freestanding wardrobe), you are gaining more internal space for your belongings while also keeping them out of sight in a sleek, beautifully crafted fitted wardrobe solution.

Combining the enhanced visual appeal of fitted furniture with the increased effectiveness of its internal storage, it’s clear to see why many homeowners prefer fitted furniture solutions for their bedrooms. By utilising every inch of space, fitted wardrobes can hold more clothes, accessories, and personal belongings that traditional freestanding furniture, allowing you to keep your bedroom well-organised and clutter-free. You also have the added benefit of customising the internals of your wardrobe space, if you wish to opt for drawers combined with half height hanging space or shelving to house shoes, you can pick and mix to suit your exacting requirements.

Zola Soft-Matte – White

As previously mentioned at the start of this blog, more homeowners want to create a bedroom space that can be multi-functional. Fitted bedroom furniture offers this versatility as is it’s designed around you and what you want to get out of your space. From integrated dressers to desks and workstations, custom-built fitted-furniture solutions can be designed to help you achieve your dream bedroom goals.

Whether you’re revamping your existing bedroom space or planning a completely new build from scratch, we would love to hear about your ideas in person and show you what STORI has to offer. To find your nearest STORI independent retailer, please click here