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Top Tips for Spring Organisation

22nd Mar 2024
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The beginning of Spring is a natural time for a fresh start in your kitchen. Take advantage of the brighter days, Easter holidays and the new burst of energy that comes with seeing the lighter evenings, use this as an opportunity to tackle the clutter in your kitchen.

Start Somewhere (anywhere!)

Full of motivation and ready to take hold of the full kitchen in one day or aiming to handle it one drawer at a time, making a start will make all the difference. Take note of the little things that may cause you frustration in your day-to-day life and start by organising those. For example, if you can never find your favourite mug in the morning, make a dedicated space where you can always keep it.

Refine your Routine

Aim to create an efficient working space for yourself and your family to make your routine easier. Organise your kitchen to reflect your daily life, placing essential items and appliances within easy reach and in some kind of order.

Zola Soft-Matte – Cashmere

Ditch the Clutter

Identify areas in your kitchen that become common clutter hotspots, such as your table, island, or worktops. Combat these areas by identifying what these items are and sorting the contents into different categories; recycling, charity, rubbish or belonging elsewhere in your home.

Within your crockery and glassware cabinetry, consider if you need 4 different mismatched sets or if these could be donated to a charity. When combatting your fridge and dry food cupboards, remove any items that are out of date, keep items close to their expiry date at the front, ready for use and consider donating items you aren’t going to use to your local food bank.

Storage Solutions

Keeping your kitchen organised can be a big task, kickstart this by storing similar things together such as baking bowls with your mixer or having a dedicated hot drinks station. Small storage boxes are a great way to keep items together to work with your routine, for example, cleaning products under your sink could be stored by room type or purpose.

Our storage solutions are the perfect addition to any kitchen, ensuring every inch of your space is utilised in a style that suits you. From narrow cabinetry and integrated bins to corner storage and tall pull-out larders, we have the perfect selection of ranges to suit your space.


Sparkle & Clean

Whether you empty all your cupboards in one go or do it in small batches, we recommend cleaning as you go, both the inside and outside of your cupboards to remove any dirt or daily grime that may have been previously missed. Glassware and crockery may accumulate dust while in cupboards so you may wish to give these a spring refresh too.

Be Consistent

Dedicating yourself to decluttering just once a year isn’t always the best idea. Instead of piling on the pressure for a Spring clean or end-of-year clear out, try to allocate a small amount of time throughout the year to tackle one area at a time.

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Sit back and Relax

Start new practices that allow you to revel in your refreshed space, if you want to entertain more, put a gathering on the calendar. If you want some peace and relaxation, make a date night with your teapot, candles, and a good book. The best way to keep your home clutter-free is to savour what you have.