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22nd Dec 2022
Well-Handled Blog | D-Handle, Cup Handle and Knobs
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Choosing the right handles is a small but all-important decision that will transform your space. Finding the perfect finishing touch for your furniture is easy with our latest collection, comprising 199 options in a wide variety of colours, styles, and finishes. So, whether you want your handles to be the star of the show or subtle and seamless, we can help guide you on what will work best in your space.

Although our handles can be categorised into “Modern” or “Traditional” it’s paramount that you don’t look at them as a standalone item or make a rushed decision on your hardware at the end of your project. It’s important to see how all the elements of your new space will work together before any work commences, contemporary fittings can be placed in traditional settings and vice versa to add contrast to a design.

When designing your new space, we suggest putting together a physical Pinterest style mood board to visualise your new palette. For a Kitchen, we would suggest layering samples of your kitchen door(s) of choice, door handle(s), worktop, tiles or splashback, flooring, a paint swatch for your wall colour choice and any key accessories that you want to include. This will help bring your retailer’s digital design to life and more importantly, save you from any costly decisions.

Choosing Your Finish

Our standard handle collection is categorised into 5 main colourways: Black, Silver, Brass, Copper & Oak. Within each colourway, there’s a plethora of finishes giving you endless opportunities for your furniture from luxurious satin brass and polished chrome to the neutral warmth of brushed nickel or the stark contrast of matte black.

Mix metals within your design for a contemporary edge. Winslow in Taupe Grey & Willow pictured below, is paired with Chrome cups & knobs and a contrasting satin brass hot water tap, further complimented by the brass accents on the range cooker for a modern twist on an otherwise typically traditional kitchen.

K1-315 (Cups) & K1-169 (Knobs) both in Chrome – Winslow – Taupe Grey & Willow

Choosing Your Style

With 8 types of handles you won’t be short on styles to choose from. Embrace diverse design options with round or square knobs; shapely cups and textured bar handles to name a few. If you wish to opt for something ultra-modern, our handleless rail system will be perfect for you. Remember you aren’t limited to one choice, mix and match your handle types to add interest to your space like we’ve done below.


K1-315 (Cups) & K1-169 (Knobs) both in Chrome – Winslow, Taupe Grey & Willow


Our cup handles work well in more traditional settings and come in either a semi-curved or a projected straight bar shape with varying-sized back plates. Curved handles are a great way to provide contrast to the linear lines of kitchen doors and worktops. Cups are usually selected when opting for a more traditional design and a shaker-style door, like Wakefield or Winslow.

Left to right: K1-323, Brushed Nickel | K1-319, Brass | K1-361, Matte Black


Left to right: K1-315, Chrome – Winslow in Willow; K1-357, Bright Nickel – Kensington, Light Grey


Our knobs come in a variety of shapes and finishes to compliment the style of any space from Country Chic to Sleek Serenity. A real multitasker, they can be paired with a variety of other handle styles such as cups and bar handles to create a harmonious flow. Knobs work great on shaker-style doors, from more modern designs like Clifden and Dawson to more traditional styles like Belgravia and Madison.

Left to right: K1-276, Brushed Black | K1-301, Brushed Satin Brass | K1-262, Antique Copper


K1-169, Chrome – Winslow, Willow

D Handles

Named after their simple shape, our D Handles come in varying styles from timeless classics to industrial designs, the perfect adornment for any cabinetry. The chameleon of door handles, this style suits any door it’s paired with, from slab styles such as Zola Soft-Matte or a classic shaker like Kensington.

Left to right: K1-318, Satin Brass | K1-326, Brushed Nickel | K1-206, Matte Black


Left to right: K1-358, Bright Nickel – Kensington, Dust Grey | K1-391-392 Matte Black – Dawson, Graphite

Bow Handles

Opt for a sleek or ornate bow handle style to dress your cabinetry. Curved bow handles are a timeless classic made for any space. Choose a modern option such as K1-147 and pair it with Aldana in a bold hue such as Indigo or opt for K1-303 and match with Florence in a subtle tone like Stone for a timeless look.


K1-148, Brushed Nickel – Zola Soft-Matte, Dust Grey


Bar Handles

If you’re after a more modern or industrial-style handle, check out our bar handles, with knurled, smooth and grooved options. Pair flawlessly with our selection of T-bar handles to finish off your look. Our favourite doors to style this handle type with are AldanaZola Soft Matte and Clifden.

Left to right: K1-364/365, Antique Brushed Brass | K1-356, Brushed Matte Black | K1-377, Brushed Nickel


K1-364/365, Antique Brushed Brass – Aldana, Light Grey


T-Bar Handles

The smaller but perfectly formed counterpart to our bar handles, our T-Bar handles work in perfect unison with them when featured in any room.

Left to right: K1-372, Antique Brushed Brass | K1-382, Matte Black | K1-369, Brushed Nickel


Left to right: K1-363, Antique Brushed Brass – Aldana, Light Grey | K1-330, Matte Black – Aldana, Heritage Green


Trim Handles

For a sleek yet unobtrusive handle option, why not choose a trim handle to compliment your clean and modern design. This handle design works best on slab doors like Strada Matte or Zola Gloss.

Left to right: K1-334, Brushed Brass | K1-335, Inox | K1-345/347, Matte Black


K1-336, Inox Look – Zola Soft-Matte, Porcelain


Handleless Rails

Complementary or contrasting, whatever your personality you can create a true handless kitchen that’s as striking as it is sleek, with rails available in 2 metal finishes and 30 standard paint colours. This option looks great with Aldana and Clifden if you prefer a shaker style or Strada Matte or Zola Gloss if a slab is more your thing.

Handleless Rail, Brushed Brass | Handleless Rail, Aluminium


Handleless Rail, Brushed Brass | Clifden, Heritage Green


STORI can handle it

Whether you are aiming for timeless elegance or that contemporary chic aesthetic; our extensive handle range will ensure your vision is brought to life. Book a design appointment with one of our approved STORI Retailers based throughout the UK & Ireland to kick off your design process.